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Kazan brides - a real gift for a man

Kazan is the oldest Russian city, kept in itself Golden Horde, Khan, Russian, Soviet periods monuments. Today it is a dynamically developing modern city. Frontier fortress of Volga Bulgaria, capital of the Khanate of Kazan, three Ivan the Terrible sieges, Soviet authorities, capital of a prosperous Republic of Tatarstan - here are five historical points of the city. This city is called western and eastern mentality yin-yang. Here also live extraordinarily beautiful Kazan brides.

Features of appearance: Why kazan brides are so attractive

How wonderful they are! There is immense, deepest love for their family and children in ladies' heart. Their purpose - be a model of peace and morality. These woman is distinguished by her sense of harmony, special musicality. She has certain spirituality, nobility of soul. Tatar ladies' inner world is rich, they irradiate goodness.

Kazan ladies are focused on strong, long-lasting marriage from the early years. After all, they want to love their husband, raise children, feel reliability and trust. Husband's word is law for her. They are faithful brides, who revere traditions and customs. However, don't expect to see woman in black burqa – she is a stylish lady, who has self-esteem. There are stylish clothes that emphasize national identity in every woman's wardrobe. For example, there are shoes that imitate national leather boots that are worn by girls. Another example - applications with amazing floral pattern.

Kazan bride is a wonderful housewife, she is very hospitable. Like their men, those brides are purposeful, insistence in achieving goals. Overcoming difficulties, they show ingenuity and resourcefulness. All this is complemented by great modesty, generosity, kindness. Indeed, Tatar woman is a great gift from above!

Traditions of brides from kazan in national clothes

All features of national Tatar costume can be traced in a woman's dress. Trapezoidal silhouette, rich colors, embroidery abundance, decorations are typical for traditional Tatar costume. Clothing, in most cases, consisted of a long tunic shirt and long sleeved overcoat with fitted back. Breastplate with a deep neckline was an indispensable part of females' attire. Baggy trousers were worn under the jacket. Outerwear was richly decorated with embroidery, trimmed with valuable fur, adorned with beads, small coins.

Females' hats varied depending on owner's age. Girls wore a cap with a tassel at pointy end, decorated with embroidery, beads. Married Tatar lasses' hats covered not only their hair, but also neck, shoulders, upper back. Older ones often wore veils up to the waist or below. they wore headdresses over them: shawls or hats.

National Tatar footwear was high boots made of soft leather. Lasses' festive boots were made in leather mosaic technique or decorated with embroidery. They also wore low heel shoes. Poor Tartars wore bast shoes in summer, felt boots - during cold seasons. Traditional women's jewelries were earrings with pendants, a variety of rings, neck ornaments, bracelets, rarer - nose rings.

Tips on How and where to find kazan brides for dating

These extraordinary, beautiful women certainly kindle European guys' interest who like Tatar lady's unusual compliant character. She is a real woman who respects her husband. Therefore, Europeans wonder: what is the best dating site? You can ask your friends on what site they have met Russian brides and start looking for your chosen one there.

A large selection of brides for dating can be found on websites where they post their accounts. After registration, you will be surprised how many beautiful girls there are, you always will be able to get acquainted with the most beautiful, interesting one. In communication process it will become clear what girl's interests are and what she wants. You'll be able to choose the best woman and continue relationship with her.

How to date kazan brides for marriage? Their expectations

Despite compliant character and great patience, these girls are waiting for responsible, reliable men. Considering the fact that there are 17 118 beauties, who have never been married at the age of 25-29 years old, and only 8 763 unmarried men of the same age, kazan girls have to look for grooms in other cities, even countries. Basically, dating is possible with the help of marriage agency.

In case you want to get acquainted for marriage with kazan bride, you should not put it off and begin searching for her on best dating sites now.


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